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Rug Doctor? No WAY! The best way to clean your carpets is...
To hire a professional carpet cleaning company!

We get a lot of customers that call us AFTER they have used a rug doctor
carpet cleaning machine in their home and they are always disappointed.
Follow these tips to avoid wasting your time and money on these machines.

Here is a list of differences between a rug doctor and truck mounted cleaning equipment.

A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is designed to deliver high performance cleaning.
It has a high pressure water pump to reach high psi and blast dirt from carpet fibers,
When using a rug doctor you have a very weak pressure water system.

A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine has a vacuum blower
to create high vacuum suction to extract all the soil.
A rug doctor has very weak vacuum which leaves carpets saturated and wet.
This also means a lot of the chemicals used with cleaning are left in the carpets and
will re soil much faster.

3 - HEAT
A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine has water heaters
that use safe high temperatures to release embedded dirt.
These temperatures get up to 240 degrees but are usually between 190-210.
The heat is constant so you get a consistent clean throughout the home.
With a rug doctor the water is already cooling down once you start cleaning.

Using a rug doctor takes a lot longer to clean your home,
You have to constantly dump out dirty water and mix up new chemicals with water.
Truck mounted machines come with waste tanks and fresh water tanks so there
are no interruptions while cleaning.
Imagine doing all that work and still not being satisfied with the results!

5 - COST
After renting a rug doctor, renting the chemical, driving back and to the store,
and factoring in all the time you spent cleaning, you will have not saved
that much money.
Over wetting carpet can result in mold growth and can void the warranty of the carpet,
and will cost much more than hiring a professional carpet cleaner.
Don't just search for cheap carpet cleaners near me,
Search for the best professional carpet cleaning companies near me.

There are many other reasons why you should always hire a professional carpet cleaning company,
but these are the top reasons we believe.
Call Gold Coast Flooring today and let us give you an honest opinion
on the choices you have with your floors.

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