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Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning is easy! Anyone can do it!


While carpet cleaning may seem like an easy task, there are a lot of different
Factors that only a true professional will know how to deal with.
There are different types and styles of carpets, and the chemicals and equipment
Used to clean one type may actually damage the other.

Don't take a chance hiring an amateur to clean your carpets,
Call Gold Coast Flooring today for a worry free experience.



Vacuuming is the first step before carpet cleaning.
Dry soil is much easier to remove than mud
It also makes the cleaning process much faster!
Dry soil makes up 80 % of the soil in your carpets.

Pre Spraying & Agitation

We mix a safe solution to use in your home
to release soils., and to remove stains.
After applying solution, we agitate with a carpet brush
Or use a low speed scrubber for heavily soiled carpets.
Dwell time and temperature are very important.

Hot Water Extraction

The last step is to rinse and extract all the soil.
Gold Coast Flooring uses a high powered,
Truck mounted machine to ensure
You get the best carpet cleaning price for your home.
The dry time is fast and we make sure to leave your carpet at a neutral PH
So that it stays clean longer and doesn't attract soils.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning Services

Sometimes, it's not just dirt trapped in your carpets.

There are certain techniques we have mastered for stain removal.
Some stains need to be steamed out with a steam iron,
While others need to be blotted out with a solvent based cleaner.

Once again, without proper knowledge, an amateur can easily take the color
Out of the carpet or delaminate the carpet, causing permanent damage.

We understand if you have only one spot you need taken care of.
Call us and we can give you some tips so you can safely remove the stain.


Ink / Wax / Gum / Etc.

Do you have stubborn stains?
Markers or Ink staining your carpet?
Proper use of Chemistry is key in these situations.
Gold Coast Flooring uses solvent cleaners that are safe
for your carpets to pull out these stubborn stains.

Puppy Problems?

For light urine deposits we use a topical treatment.
Enzymes are applied and work instantly to get rid of unwanted urine deposits.
For medium to heavy deposits. removal of the pad
Is required and usually the subfloor must be treated.
Gold Coast Flooring specializes in pet treatment
and can get your home back to the way it was.

Grease / Oil / Traffic

"Is my carpet even worth cleaning?"
The answer is YES!
Even the most difficult traffic areas can be cleaned.
Call Gold Coast Flooringtoday and see the difference
we can make in your home.

We care about your home

We are extremely careful in our customers homes.
We appreciate you letting us clean for you,
So we do our best to protect your home.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction,
And to make your experience as care free as possible.
We have mastered our trade and know exactly what to do
When we arrive at your home.


Corner Guards

Tired of carpet cleaners chipping paint off your walls?
Gold Coast Flooring cares about your home.
Gold Coast Flooring uses corner guards
to protect your walls
and stair rails from damage.

Furniture Protection

Foam blocks or 'sticky tape' are used to protect your
furniture and your carpets from damage.
When carpets are cleaned,
Gold Coast Flooring puts protection under furniture
to prevent damages such as rust or wood stain transfer.

Slippery Surfaces

Did your last carpet cleaner leave puddles of water?
Gold Coast Flooring makes sure to
wipe up all excess water
to prevent accidents and damage to floors.

Upholstery Cleaning Available

If you have any furniture you would like cleaned
While we are in your home please let us know!

It's a simple swap for us since we will aready be set up,
And you can save money by avoiding costly minimum charges.

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