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Loose Carpet | Power Stretching Services


Loose Carpet?

Loose carpet or carpet wrinkles are a sign of a
Poor installation
When a carpet ripples, this means the installer
did NOT use a Power Stretcher
or did not have experience with one.

Power Stretching

Gold Coast Flooring uses a Power stretcher
to make sure your carpet is drum tight.
This is the way it should have been installed
and is guaranteed
To last for the remainder of the life of the carpet.

What is a Power Stretcher?

A knee kicker is not for stretching carpet
A power stretcher had a head with nails to grip carpet,
Extension tubes to go as long as the room,
and a tail block that presses at one side of of the room
Leverage is then applied to stretch the carpet,
and a knee kicker is used to attach carpet to tackless strip pins.

Carpet Repair Services | Patching Burns, Ink, Permanent Stains


Accidental Burns?

For smaller burns, smaller sections are cut out and patched.
As you can see in the photo above,
A larger piece is needed.
We use an extra piece leftover from the
carpet installation to do this repair.
If no carpet is left, then a piece is taken from a closet
and another piece is replaced into the closet

Stretching and Seaming

After a piece is cut to fit,
We stretch and seam the pieces together
To ensure a tight bond
Carpet is then trimmed and tucked back into place.

Paint, Bleach, Ink, Etc.

Sometimes no matter what solvent is used,
A stubborn stain will not budge.
We simply cuts out the damaged section
and patches in a new piece.
Patience and skill are a necessity in this process.

Carpet Repair Services | Animal Damage


My Digging Dog

Did you leave your dog locked in the room?
This a very common repair that NN Carpet does.
Carpet is cut, and patched as necessary.
Padding may be needed as well on these repairs.

Cat Scratches

Does your cat use your house as a scratching post?
No worries!
The process is the same as patching dog damage.
If the carpet becomes detached from the backing
A carpet adhesive is needed to re attach.

Pet Urine in the Carpet Padding

This process is for heavy urine deposits.
Carpet is pulled back, and the
Damaged padding is removed.
The subloor is sealed and the carpet is treated
With a special enzyme treatment.
New Padding is installed and the carpet is put back
Carpet is then cleaned and good to go!

Transitions | Berber | Specialty Services


New Transitions

Is your old transition not holding up?
Time for an upgrade?
Gold Coast Flooring specializes in transitions.
Carpet to Linoleum
Carpet to Hardwood / Laminate
Carpet to Tile

Carpet - Tile

Carpet to tile transitions are often done incorrectly.
Tackless strip must be close to the tile to make sure
The carpet will be tightly tucked into the gap.
Also seam sealer must be used on the carpet edge
To prevent delamination damage in the future.

Berber Carpet Repair Services

Berber carpet repairs are much different
Than other carpet repairs
Without proper knowledge and skill, your carpet repair
Will become worse over time.
Gold Coast Flooring specializes in Berber Carpet Repairs



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