Allergenic Chemicals to Avoid in Carpet Cleaning Products

Ammonia, Optical Brighteners, Phthalates, and the reasons why you need to know
What you are actually cleaning with for your safety in your home.

Nowadays, we have access to the most efficient carpet cleaning products that can remove
any type of stain within seconds. However, some of these cleaning products contain
a number of harmful chemicals that can trigger allergies.
If you have young children in the house, you know how quickly carpets get dirty.
However, choosing the right product to remove hard stains should be your main priority
in order to avoid various health risks including allergies.

According to a number of studies, certain chemicals found in cleaning products
contribute a great deal to the emergence of skin conditions or asthma in toddlers and children.
Here are some of the harmful chemicals to avoid when using carpet cleaning products.



Ammonia is a potent chemical that can have damaging effects on one’s health.
It is known for its piercing and suffocating smell and can be found in numerous cleaning products.
Ammonia can cause severe allergies and is considered toxic for children under the age of six.
Even the slightest exposure to this chemical can trigger irritation and coughing.
In case a child gets in oral contact or swallows this substance,
it will cause significant throat and stomach burn.
To avoid the appearance of allergies and other serious physical ailments due to ammonia exposure,
make sure to use a carpet cleaner that does not contain this chemical.


Optical Brighteners

Optical brighteners are often added to carpet cleaners
in order to make them look brighter after cleaning,
even though they might not be the most efficient stain removers.
These are chemical compounds known as fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs)
or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) that simply give the appearance of a brightened carpet.
FBAs or FWAs aren’t as dangerous as other chemicals such as ammonia,
but studies indicate they can also cause allergic reactions
such as itching, rash, and skin irritation.



If the label on your carpet cleaner says “fragranced”, it means that it contains
one of the twenty-four phthalates frequently used in cleaning products as fragrance stabilizers.
Unfortunately, even though they contribute to the products’ pleasant scent,
they are not necessarily the safest choice, as they can cause severe
allergic reactions in young children, and are even considered cancerogenic.

Paying attention to what you clean your carpet with matters.
There are hundreds of harmful chemicals that go unnoticed by parents
and cause unexplainable allergic reactions in young children.
Learning more about these chemicals will help you avoid various side effects they can cause.

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