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Call (916) 312-7000

The first step on your carpet installation
Journey is to call us at (916) 312-7000
And schedule a day and time for us to
Come out and measure the carpet in your home.

Email Us Your Information

Feel free to email us at
To schedule a day and time
For us to come out and measure your home
To give you a carpet installation estimate.

Fill Out Our Online Form

You can also fill out our contact form here
To let us know exactly how you would
Like us to contact you so we can set a day and time
To come and measure your home.

Get Your Home Professionally Measured


Free Estimates

We come out and measure your home
To let you know exactly how much carpet
Will be needed for your home.
Even though we wish it was as simple as
Measuring room by room it is not.
Carpet is 12 feet wide and must be measured
Correctly to account for seams.

Reliable Measurements

We measure your home
To make sure you have enough
Carpet for your installation.
We also add in extra carpet for the future
In case you need to take care of repairs.

Feel Free To Shop

Our main job is to give you information.
If you decide to get other quotes that's perfectly fine.
We can leave you measurements and you can
Call to get other prices.
Just remember that a cheap carpet installer
Will only lead to costly repairs later on.

Pick Out The Right Carpet For You & Your Home


Our Trusted Supplier

We only recommend our customers to
Wood Brothers Floor Coverings in Sacramento CA.
Not only do they beat the carpet prices
Of Home Depot, Lowe's, and Flooring Liquidators,
But their sales staff is really knowledgeable
And puts customer satifaction first!

Choose What Carpet Works

Of course we would always recommend
High quality carpet for your home
Such as Nylon or Berber.
But sometimes you need a cheaper alternative
For a rental or home for sale.
Talk to the staff at Wood Brothers Floor Coverings
And they will point you in the right direction.

Each Step Is With Perfection

We want what's best for you.
If you have any questions or concerns
In this process please let us know.
When quality matters,
And you need a reliable carpet installer.
Go for Gold, Gold Coast Flooring.

Time For Us To Install Your Carpet


We Deliver To You

Now that your order is ready
We can pick up and deliver to your home.
After arriving we unload the material
And get started on removing
The old carpet and padding.

Removal Is Included

We remove old carpet and padding
And check for any damaged tack strips.
We also clean the subfloor before installing.
Then we bring in the new carpet and padding
And install your new carpet in your home.

All Installs Are Guaranteed

All of our work is guaranteed
We guarantee your carpet will not develop wrinkles.
If it does and it is an install error,
We will come re stretch the carpet for free.
We also guarantee no fraying of the carpet
At seams or where the carpet meets a transition.

Enjoy Your Carpets For Years To Come



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