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And grout sealing for the maximum protection for your floors.

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Here are some of our recent tile and grout cleaning/sealing jobs in Elk Grove CA


Best tile cleaner, safe cleaning products

Carpet and tile cleaning companies are found everywhere.
But how do you know which is the
Best tile & grout cleaning company?
We only use cleaning solutions made from the top
Manufacturers in the world designed specifically
For tile and grout cleaning.
No harmful chemicals or damaging products.

Give us a call and let us explain our process
And give you an honest opinion as to what your options are.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning in Elk Grove CA 95624

Save on the cost of tile and grout cleaning

Different prices are charged by different companies
For their tile and grout cleaning services.
While some may be very pricey, and some extremely cheap,
We believe our prices are in between the two.
We charge by square footage, and each job can be different
Depending on how dirty the tile is
And the type of tile and grout we are cleaning.

You can expect to pay on average as little as $.60
Per square foot for man made tiles such as ceramic or porcelain.
Natural stone is a different process and can be anywhere between
$1.00 to $2.00 per square foot depending on the condition.

You can see in this home before we cleaned
How dirty tile and grout can get over time.
All of the black you see is what was scrubbed
And agitated out of the grout lines in this kitchen
In a home in Elk Grove CA.

Call us for a free in home estimate.
We will come out, measure the tile and grout areas to be cleaned
And explain how we clean tile and grout in elk grove ca.



Easy way to clean tile floors

The best do it yourself tile and grout cleaning method we have found that works
For cleaning tile and grout in your home has to be
Blue Dawn dish soap mixed with water.
Not only does it have a mild degreaser to break up
Oils and stubborn dirt and grime, but it also disinfects
And is absoulutely safe to use in your home.
If you wash your dishes with this product
And then eat off of the same plate, then you should
Be able to see why it is safe for your floors.

Do not use any acidic products such as Pine Sol
As these cleaners can break down grout over time
And will result is broken grout or missing grout.

As always with any cleaning solution,
Be sure to completely rinse the floors
With plain water by mopping after done.

This is a great method for maintaining the tile and grout
In your home, but we still recommend hiring a
Professional tile and grout cleaning company
At least once a year.

Call us for a free in home estimate so we can measure for you
And explain how we clean tile and grout in elk grove ca.

Grout cleaner and testing areas

Before starting any grout cleaning job
It is always a good idea to test your grout cleaner
And make sure the grout will clean up before starting.
We always do a grout demo t onot only show
Our customers what an amazing difference
Tile and grout cleaning can do,
But also to make sure no tropical sealers
Or wax products were used on the flooring.

As you can see in this photo
The original grout color was almost white
Which turns a light grey when wet.
We were able to restore the grout lines in this
Elk Grove CA home and then seal all the grout
In the home for further protection.

Call us for a free in home estimate.
We will come out, measure the tile and grout areas to be cleaned
And explain how we clean tile and grout in elk grove ca.



The best way to clean grout

Is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning
Company like us to clean your floors.
The best way to clean grout lines
Is to use a alkaline cleaning solution,
Soak the grout lines and let it dwell for
5-10 minutes. Do not let the cleaning solution dry.
Scrub the cleaning solution with a grout brush
Or any type of nylon brush that will fit in the lines.
The last step is to rinse with water
To completely get rid of any residue
left on the flooring.
After the grout is dry, a sealer can be applied
To ensure protection against spills and stains
And make cleanng much easier.

We still recommend hiring a
Professional tile and grout cleaning company
At least once a year, but this tip
Will help to maintain your floors throughout the year.

Call us for a free in home estimate so we can measure for you
And explain how we clean tile and grout in elk grove ca.

Tile sealer or Grout sealer?

There are many different sealers for tile and grout
And it depends what you have that
Decides which grout sealer to use.
Tile sealer usually refers to a natural stone sealer.
Porcelain and Ceramic tiles do not need to be sealed
Because they are man made and non porous.
Grout needs to be sealed unless you have epoxy grout
Which is often used in showers or where subway tile is installed.

In this picture we only sealed the grout lines
Because the tiles were man made porcelain tiles.



The best grout cleaner

Are you interested in the best grout cleaning solutions
To use in your home?
We use the best tile cleaning solutions designed by the best
Insitutes across the state to deliver you the best
Cleaning solution that is also safe for your home.
All of our cleaning solutions are safe for pets and children
And no residue is left behind because we completely rinse out
Our cleaning solution during our extraction process.

Call us for a free in home estimate so we can measure for you
And explain how we clean tile and grout in elk grove ca.

How to clean tile floors

There are many different methods for cleaning tile and grout.
In this home for example, the tile and grout had been neglected
For over 4 years and needed professional tile and grout cleaning.
We were able to restore this homes tile and grout
And refresh the look of this homes flooring.

If you need tile and grout cleaning in the Elk Grove area
Give us a call today or fill out our contact form
For an estimate to restore your tile flooring.


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Dirty grout be gone!

Is it time to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company?
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Give us a call today to start the process of restoring your tile floors.
We specialize in tile and grout cleaning and can help you
Understand the steps we take in cleaning your tile flooring.

If you are located in the Elk Grove CA area and are in need
Of tile and grout cleaning near you, call us today
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In getting your tile and grout fllors taken care of.

Our main goal is to provide an outstanding service for you
So that you will continue to use our company
And recommend our services to friends and family for years to come.


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