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Providing the best rated carpet cleaning Sacramento CA has to offer.

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Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning Sacramento CA has to offer?
With over 400 carpet cleaning companies in the Sacramento county
It may seem almost impossible to choose the best company.
Every company will say they are the best, but give us a chance in your home
To show you the high quality work we provide to you in your home.
And if you still are unsure, you can find our perfect 5 star rating
Across major review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Not in a hurry to get your carpets cleaned? No problem!
Just save our phone number and remember to hire Gold Coast Flooring
For your next carpet cleaning appointment in Sacramento CA.

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To see all the reasons why we beat our competition,
AND keep life long customers who recommend us to all of their family and friends.

If you have any questions, or would like to get a general estimate,
Please fill out our message form or give us a call.

We also offer carpet repairs and installation, and tile and grout cleaning services.


Here are some of our recent carpet cleaning jobs in Sacramento

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The best carpet cleaning Sacramento CA has to offer

In need of a professional carpet cleaner?
This job was for a homeowner that rented their property
To a group of young adults who trashed her carpets.
We have the equipment and the skills to
Restore your carpets and get them cleaned and sanitized.

Don't neglect the carpet in your home,
And let it get to this point.
As you can see there were many drink and food spills,
Along with pet urine and vomit stains and odors.

Give us a call and let us explain our process
And give you an honest opinion as to what your options are.

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000

Combine with Upholstery Cleaning for MAXIMUM SAVINGS!

On this job we ended up cleaning the carpets,
And 2 sofas and some upholstered dining chairs.
Need a quote on upholstery cleaning in Sacramento?
Call us today at (916) 312-7000
And let us know what you need cleaned!

It's a simple tool switch for us and we can
Clean the upholstery in your home while we are there.
We clean with low water pressure and low heat
So that we do not do damage to your fabric.

Don't go with a cheap inexperienced cleaner,
As they can damage your upholstery with chemicals
And by using too much water when cleaning.


Red Stain Removal and Stain Treatment

Colored juice drinks, or soda spills?
We specialize in stain removal,
And know the techniques and safe treatments
To remove colored stains and rinse sugars from the carpet.
If not careful, an inexperienced cleaner can remove the color
From the carpet, or even worse destroy the carpet fibers
Resulting in a whole that will need to be patched.

Some stains may be permanent and need to have a new piece sectioned in.
This process is call 'patching'.
Click here - How we stretch carpet and do most carpet repairs

As you can see in this picture,
We specialize in red stain removal,
And know exactly what to do to restore your carpets.

Other cleaners may clean your carpets,
But don't know how to do stain removal
So you are left with clean carpets and red stains everywhere.
Don't settle for second best,
Call us for the complete package.

We have the best carpet cleaning prices

Interested in seeing what carpet looks like after it has been cleaned?
This job is a perfect example
Of the amazing difference we can make in your home.

If you don't know how to clean carpet,
Or are looking for a carpet rental machine
Stop and give us a call today to get our recommendation
Before wasting time and energy on cleaning your carpets.

Click here - Rug Doctor? No way, the best way to clean your carpets is...
To see why you shouldn't waste time or money
On carpet cleaning diy machines.

This is a berber olefin carpet installed in a home.
Olefin carpet loves oil and can be very hard to keep clean,
But with our expert carpet cleaning solutions,
And truck mounted equipment, we made short work of this job.

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000


Eco Friendly cleaning solutions for your children and pets

Do you have children or pets?
If you do then you know how hard it can be
To keep your carpets in your home clean.
Between birthday parties, celebrations,
And other events throughout the year,
The carpet in your home can take a beating.

This job was for a customer that we do 3-4 times a year.
The family often has family parties and sports team events,
So the carpets build up dirt and stains quickly.

We understand accidents can happen,
But if you do not have experience cleaning
Certain types of stains and spills
You can do more harm then good and can damage the carpet.

Give us a call for any questions,
We would love to help you maintain your carpets
And can recommend the safest home products you can use
To clean any spills you may have.

Skilled professional carpet cleaning services

We specialize in heavy soiled areas and dark traffic wear.
Depending on the fiber type,
We can get the carpets looking back to new.

Nylon, berber, olefin, wool, and some of the new polyester
Carpets can be restored back to original condition if not close.

We use the best cleaning solutions from the top manufacturers
And know exactly what to use for each job.

Every job is different, so we always make a fresh
Pre spray specifically made up for your home.


Expert carpet cleaning services near you

This job had a rug duct taped to the carpet in the hallway.
The tape actually became infused the carpet fibers
And we had to use a mix of solvents to release the tape
From the carpet and allow for extraction.
This job took longer than usual, but the customer
Was very happy with the outcome and that he did
Not have to replace the carpet in his new home.

We do our very best on each job that we do,
And as you can see in this picture
The results were about 90 percent better.
There is some damage to some carpet fibers,
But we saved the carpet from replacement.

If you need a carpet cleaner in Sacramento,
Give us a call today and let's get started.

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000

Need your carpets cleaned for a move out?

This rental had a few pet stains
And an odor from cat vomit and dog urine.
Most of our customers have cats or dogs,
And need pet treatment while cleaning the carpets.
The after results show themselves in this picture
And any odor was obliterated after we were done.


We clean all types of carpet | Nylon, Wool, Olefin, Polyester

This was a nylon loop pile carpet that we cleaned
In Sacramento near American river.
We clean for many clients in this area,
And understand that quality is expected of our service.

Here you can see a before and after picture
Of the carpets at the entrance to one of the bedrooms.
Dust and soil can buildup at doorways, and along edges.

Loop pile is cleaned with a lower water pressure
Because of the low pile on this certain type of carpet.
We also install carpet, so we know the types of fibers,
And the best methods and cleaning solutions for treating
Them so that we do not damage the flooring in your home.

Looking for the cheapest carpet cleaning company in Sacramento?
Our best advice is don't hire the cheapest.
Go with a company that charges middle to high,
And sounds confident in their services.

Going with cheap, inexperienced carpet cleaners
Can be a costly mistake, and can sometimes
Lead to having to replace all of the carpet in your home.

This is another room of the house we just showed.
The living room is usually the most important
Room for guests and company.
Make your first impression when inviting someone
To your home a great one.

Give us a call for professional carpet cleaning in sacramento.

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000


We can also clean your tile and grout.

Most of the homes we are in have tile and grout as well.
We can clean the carpets and then focus on the tile floors.

We use the same equipment, but with different
Tools and cleaning solutions to get the job done.

Click here - How Tile & Grout cleaning can make a HUGE difference in your home
To see how we can clean more than just the carpets in your home.

We offer complete carpet restoration

In this home we stretched the hallways,
And a couple of bedrooms before cleaning the carpets.
Don't waste time hiring two different carpet companies
To do what we can do in one trip!
Save money on minimum charges by combining
Carpet cleaning and repair / stretching services.

Click here - How we stretch carpet and do most carpet repairs
To get a better understanding of how we repair and stretch carpet.


Get the best carpet cleaning look for your home

This job was done in Rancho Cordova
In the Anatolia area to get this house ready for sale.
Professional carpet cleaning puts the final touch
On closing the deal for a home sale.
We are usually the last service provider in the home,
So we understand to be careful around paint and baseboards
And to clean up after ourselves
So that your home is in the best final condition.

We also do carpet cleaning in West Sacramento

We work with property managers across all
Of Sacramento and Placer County.
We know what need to be done
To get the best results for a home
Before renting or putting the house up for sale.

Need a quote on a cleaning job? Call us today.

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000


Have makeup stains? We can remove stains from your carpet.

We did the carpet cleaning for this home in Rio Linda CA.
The job was only 2 bedrooms,
But there were multiple makeup stains embedded
Into the carpet.

Makeup can be very difficult to remove
For most carpet cleaners, but with skill and knowledge,
An experienced carpet cleaner knows exactly what to use
To completely remove that stain or make it 90% better.

We use safe solvents that are made by
The most reputable manufactures in the carpet cleaning
Industry and are designed to be safe to use in your home.
We use a little at a time and completly rinse your carpet
So that there is no left over residue that can attract soil.

This process is an extra service, but it can make
A huge difference in the final result of your clean carpet.
As you can see in this photo, we were very successful
In removing the makeup stains and restoring
This carpet back to life.

In case you have a lot of friends and family

We have regular customers
Who have a lot of family gatherings
Or have friends and loved ones over constantly.
After a couple of weekends of fun,
Your carpet may be in need of some refreshment.

This is a job we do for a customer of ours
2-3 times a month in the West Sacramento area.


Deep carpet cleaning for deep soil removal

Hot water extraction is the best method
For removing the most dirt and debris
From the carpets in your home.
BUT if the wrong equipment is used
Or an inexperienced carpet cleaner is hired,
They can do more damage than good.
Instead of removing dirt and debris,
They can actually push the dirt deeper and leave
Residue that can attract more soil over time.

While carpet cleaning may seem like a very easy
And simple process, there are many things that
Add into this process to make the end result the best.
Equipment, skill, knowledge, and chemistry
Are just a few of these things
And can make all the difference between a disaster
And the best carpet cleaning in Sacramento
You have ever had.

Interested in learning more? Call us today!

Gold Coast Flooring - (916) 312 7000

Carpet cleaning Rancho Cordova CA

We also clean many of the communities of Sacramento CA.
This home was in Rancho Cordova, but we also
Clean the Rosemont, Anatolia, Coloma, Mather areas
And many more areas of Sacramento County.

If you need professional carpet cleaning services
Call us today at (916) 312-7000


Best Rancho Cordova carpet cleaning prices

This is a job we did carpet cleaning in Rancho Cordova CA
We stretched and cleaned 1,000 square feet of carpet.
The homeowners owned the home since it was built,
And the original carpet was over 20 years old.
After carpet stretching and professional carpet cleaning,
You can see the amazing difference in this home.

We offer professional Carpet Cleaning Sacramento / North Highlands / Rio Linda area

Are you looking for a carpet installer in sacramento ca
or carpet repairs and stretching services
We also do tile and grout cleaning in sacramento ca
Land park, greenhaven, rosemont, keifer,
la riviera, american river college, arden,
arcade, fulton, carmichael, fair oaks,
Rancho cordova, zinfandel, white rock,
North sacramento, 95826, 95864, 95825,
95818, 95831, 95608, 95670, 95628.

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★★★★★ -
So happy I called Gold Coast Flooring!
They completely changed my carpet in my home.
I will definitely recommend my friends and family
To this amazing company!